Bath screens care and maintenance

If you are considering installing bath screens ( in your bathroom – or already have them installed – you probably want to know how to take proper care of them. Let us give you a few hints.
Bath screens are wonderful inventions – we can all agree with that.

They give you the comfort of having…

They give you the comfort of having a proper shower without flooding your bathroom, while allowing you to keep the luxury of bubble baths, too. But they are also considerably more expensive than shower curtains, so we bet you’ d like them to last for years. Plus, without proper care and maintenance bath screens simply don’ t look good. The regular care is really easy, too. Basically, it means avoiding limescale residue and mold. We all know – and hardly love – limescale residue: the stuff that covers all the places that have regular contact with tap water.

And bath screens are not an exception…

And bath screens are not an exception. What can you do. Well, the easiest thing would be drying the screens after every shower – with a microfiber cloth, for example. If you don’ t have time for this, at least make sure to clean the screens with a proper detergent once a week or so. Preventing mold is also all about drying – make sure all the nooks and corners don’ t have standing water for prolonged periods of time. That’ s it. See. Easy!.

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