Ingenuity of Tywford products

If you’re after quality products at a reasonable price, you should definitely have a look at the range of Tywford bathroom products and accessories. Apparently, the brand also the last word in ingenuity and innovativeness.
We all like when getting a job done means no problems and the effects last for many years.

However, when it comes to…

However, when it comes to sanitary ware products, it is really difficult to say whether budget options will pass the test of time. Apparently, there have been many complaints regarding cheap bathroom accessories which means one would be better off with a more serious alternative. Tywford bathrooms is a well-established player on the market and ingenuity and innovativeness are among the features that make the company stand out. Recently, Tywfor has launched a new type of toilet bowl which appears to be the answer to all the existing problems. First of all, the rimless Tyford toilet involves no actual water rim and it features just one jet stream of water for flushing purposes.

The advantages of a rimless Tywford solutions…

The advantages of a rimless Tywford solutions are truly magnificent. Apparently, the lack of the rim makes the bowl look much more hygienic and it’s not only about the looks. According to studies, the lack of rim means there is no place for germs to build up which is great news for those interested in having a clean and innovative toilet facility.

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