Tywford bathrooms – taking customers seriously

Big corporations are notorious for not taking into consideration the interests of their customers. Tywford bathrooms, however, is a completely different story. Recently it has launched a new type of toilets designed exactly with the customer demand in mind.
The globalised world of today doesn’t leave much room for individual tastes and preferences.

As it turns out, most of…

As it turns out, most of the big worldwide corporations aren’t really interested in taking care of people’s needs and problems. Instead, they are rather aimed at creating needs so that more and more products can be sold. Luckily though, Tywford bathrooms appears to be the exception to the rule. Recently, a very through survey has been conducted and now the results are in. Apparently, sanitary ware customers are predominantly dissatisfied about the design of toilet bowls. In particular, they absolutely detest having to cope with a toilet rim which is well-known for being the perfect place for germs to build up.

With precisely this suggestion in mind,…

With precisely this suggestion in mind, Tywford engineers have come up with a rim-free toilet. Instead of a traditional rim, then, the Tywford toilet features a water stream which doesn’t give that notoriously bad rim-feeling. Tywford bathrooms, then, actively respond to needs of its customers which gives the company an absoutely unique position on the market.

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