Save water with a shallow bath

Even if you are not necessarily an ecology freak, you may consider it worthy to become more eco-friendly and nature conscious. The great news is that you don’ t really have to put much of your own effort to it, as now there are plenty of things whose only purpose is to save and protect the environment.
One of these things is of course the shallow bath (

As a sanitary ware element, a shallow…

As a sanitary ware element, a shallow bath is nothing new, in fact. It has been designed quite a while ago, but it has been only recently that this new function of a shallow bath has been stressed and widely discussed in the media. When it comes to a shallow bath itself, it is just a standard bath which is only a little bit shorter than a traditional bath. In effect, it takes much less water to have a bath in a shallow bath and this is the great aspect of them which is brought up most often. Indeed, it is thought that with a shallow bath you can save water but not only.

What I mean is that…

What I mean is that fewer water consumption amounts to paying less money for the water bills and, in effect, for sewage collection. So, the advantages of a shallow bath are indeed numerous.

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