A helping hand for housewives – cleaners sink

Well, coming up with the caption for this note, I hoped that you will see the joke and won’ t mind calling the cleaners sink a hand. What I had in mind was, of course, that a cleaners sink may prove a great help for any housewife, even you yourself!
It seems a foregone conclusion that doing all the chores is not an easy task.

Especially, if you have lots of things…

Especially, if you have lots of things to go about on a daily basis, there are long and steep flights of stairs in your place and you’ re muscles and posture and not necessarily the ones of a boxer or muscleman. But worry not, since a cleaners sink has recently been launched onto the market. A cleaners sink looks very much like a standard sink and the only difference is that it is not used the way a standard one is used.

In order to perform its…

In order to perform its function properly, a cleaners sink is equipped with a metal grate, at least mine is, which supports the buckets of water and other cleaning accessories. A cleaners sink as well as the grate itself have to be strong enough to withstand all the possible pressures and they can do so thanks to a hardwood frame which additionally absorbs all the bumps which may take place while doing the chores.

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