A shallow bath caters for special needs

I suppose that it is a foregone conclusion that a shallow bath, as a concept, is associated with catering for people with special needs, like small kids, handicapped or disabled, for instance.

To some extent it is true…

To some extent it is true indeed, but it does not mean that it a shallow bath can be used only by such people.
It is true that the way a shallow bath is, makes it suitable for people who have special needs. Or some difficulties with using the standard baths. A shallow bath is not as deep as a standard bath, which makes it easier for the user to transfer in and out of it. What is more, a shallow bath is usually equipped with grab rails, which are supposed to help the user with transferring from sitting to standing.


Additionally, the bottom of a shallow bath is typically slip resistant as some special kind of material is used to finish it so as to ensure that you won’ t slip and break your leg. The height of a shallow bath is also significant when it comes to the assistance of a caretaker, as baths with higher bottom help to limit bending and hence back strain and other possible injury.

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