The positive role of a shallow bath

From the point of view of a caretaker of a disabled, handicapped person or a small child, a shallow bath ( seems way better than a standard bath. And there are at least several aspects which make a shallow bath perfect for catering for the special needs for these people.
First of all, we must consider technicalities.

A shallow bath is less…

A shallow bath is less deep than a standard bath and one needs significantly less water to fill it in than to fill a standard bath( you need ninety litres of water for the shallow bath and around two hundred for the standard one ). That can help you make immense savings. Secondly, the height of a shallow bath is also important.

The bottom of a shallow…

The bottom of a shallow bath being significantly smaller than in the case of a normal bath, it is easier for the caretaker to bend, and so the risk of possible back strains and injuries is eliminated. What is more, the bottom of a typical shallow bath is made with a slip resistant material, so you won’ t slip and hurt yourself. Additionally, there are grab rails fixed to the ledges of the bath, which can assist you in transferring from a sitting position to a standing one.

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