Toilet seat and lid can be extraordinary

If we are designing our bathroom we are usually think about the most important elements, such as bathtub, wash basin, toilet and maybe shower and bidet. Of course very important are also bathroom furniture and accessories but do we really think so much about toilet seat and lid?
Probably majority of people decide to buy simple, traditional model of such toilet seat and lid, which is usually white. Some people decide to buy model which have special mechanism, thanks to which toilet seat and lid is slowly falling down, but this is usually the most sophisticated model of toilet seat and lid chosen by people. Nowadays, we can look for some bathroom inspirations on the internet, where we’ll find a lot of websites dedicated only to bathroom designs. We can be really surprised by some proposals. For example we can find special toilet seat covers made from special fluffy material, just to feel more comfortable on the toilet. Maybe such idea is good for women live alone, but in a case of big families, especially those, who like to invite friends, such idea can be not so hygienic. Unless we are able to wash such cover every day.

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