Advantages of a rimless toilet

The recently introduced rimless toilet ( is an absolutely new player in the sanitary ware market. However, it seems that its numerous advantages will certainly give it a number of satisfied customers.
The sanitary ware industry hardly ever sees a revolution both in terms of style and functionality.

However, it seems that the…

However, it seems that the lately launched rimless toilet is likely to be one of very few milestones in the business. From a purely scientific point of view, a rimless toilet looks like any odd toilet in that it features a bowl, a seat and a cistern. However, it is only when we have a closer look at the bowl and the cistern we can observe the reason why so many people call it a gigantic leap forward. First of all, a rimless toilet features no actual toilet rim which can obviously be deduced from the name itself. In practice, then, having no rim means a lot of advantages and benefits as far as hygiene and overall looks are concerned. Speaking of hygiene, if there’s no rim, then there’s nowhere for germs and bacteria to build up and develop.

And that is very important especially…

And that is very important especially for those who are interested in having a clean or even sterile lavatory. In the case of a toilet rim, it is never actually possible to clean the bowl thoroughly. A rimless toilet, as we said, also contain a very special cistern which allows the operator to control the amount of water flushed away which means cutting down on a monthly water bill.

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