Why should we use ceramic shower trays?

When redesigning or refitting our bathrooms we often think about not only making the bathroom more comfortable and spacious, but also more functional. Other important thing is the durability of all bathroom equipment we install, because nobody would want to install a new piece after only a few months of using the previous one. That’s why it is good to know for example whether we should seriously consider installing ceramic shower trays (sanitec-kolo.com) or not.
Ceramic shower trays are nowadays widely available in many stores( including internet ones ), so there is no real problem with availability – the problem is their price. Ceramic shower trays are sometimes significantly more expensive than plastic ones, so we often decide to buy cheaper piece of equipment. But such decision is not always good, because plastic tarys are also less durable and as a result wa may be forced to buy another one after a short time – this is not really a good way of saving money, isn’t it? Ceramic shower trays are also practically stainless if cleaned properly, so they will look like new for years after buying and are also durable as well as insusceptible to strains and deformations. This makes them a better choice in the long run.

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