Shallow baths and small kids

I’ m sure that each and every one of you having small children knows very well how hard can it be to give a kid a bath. Of course, I don’ t mean now that the kid is just not willing to take one. I’ m rather concentrating on kids who are too small to decide for themselves and whom you need to assist in taking a bath.
If you know exactly well what I’ m talking about, you have probably had some back strains already, which you got from leaning over the sides of the bath, and you have been in a shock for over a thousand times, dreading that your little kid may choke with water or drown.

No, let me tell you…

No, let me tell you that there is a thing that can put an end to all your problems in this matter: shallow baths. The idea of shallow baths is that they are easier to transfer into and out of, especially for a disabled or a handicapped person, as well as for little children, of course. What is more, shallow baths prove perfect for the caretakers, too, as, having sides which are shorter than in the case of a standard bath, shallow baths are easier to lean over them.

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