Saving bathroom space with small shower enclosures

When you’ re a lucky owner of an apartment with a small bathroom, every way of saving space is worth considering. There are solutions available on the market – plenty of them: small baths, corner toilets and sinks, small shower enclosures (

All of these can help you…

All of these can help you make your small bathroom as functional as possible.
Having a shower enclosure instead of a bathtub is saving bathroom space in itself. But shower enclosures vary in size too. Not to mention, where you put it can make a big difference. Obviously, placing a shower enclosure in a corner is most effective in terms of saving space. Small shower enclosures make it even more so. Of course, small shower enclosures are not a solution for everyone. If you’ re plus-sized or someone in your family is, such an enclosure might be simply uncomfortable.

If you like showering with…

If you like showering with someone else from time to time, the small size may be a problem. Similar, if you’ re strongly claustrophobic. But if none of the above apply, you could consider getting a small enclosure as an option. Small enclosures vary in looks and dimentions too, so the best way to check if it’ s for you might be going to the nearest bathroom store and trying some of them out. If you decide you’ re a fan, congratulations – you just got some more space for your bathroom.

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