Bathroom manufacturers association – what is it?

Building market is governed by its own rules and regulations; they refer to every branch of construction and design sector. When it comes to bathroom planning and arrangements, it is Bathroom Manufacturers Association which stand as an organization responsible for fair trade and competition. Continue reading

My own under counter washbasin

To tell you the truth, for many years I was fond of one particular bathroom fitting which I saw during one of my business trips, namely an under counter washbasin ( When I was on that business trip it was still the time when we couldn’ t get any decent fittings in our country and that is why, as I suppose, I took to the under counter washbasin on the spot. Continue reading

Know more about space saving bathrooms

All of us would be glad if they shared large, spacious bathrooms. However, the truth is that most of us have to deal with relatively small wet rooms, especially if they live in apartment house. However, furnishing a tiny washroom is not as difficult as it may seem – there are many fabulous ideas considering small bathroom design and space saving bathrooms. Continue reading

Victorian bathrooms in modern houses

Spacious bathroom is in many cases our only dream regarding this place – somehow we forget that a bathroom should not only be functional, it should be also a place, where we will be able to relax bytaking a bath. Victorian bathrooms are a real masterpiece when comes to fulfilling that purpose: they are large, beautifully arranged, comfortable and just… perfect. Can we have such bathroom nowadays in our own house? Continue reading