Victorian bathrooms in modern houses

Spacious bathroom is in many cases our only dream regarding this place – somehow we forget that a bathroom should not only be functional, it should be also a place, where we will be able to relax bytaking a bath. Victorian bathrooms are a real masterpiece when comes to fulfilling that purpose: they are large, beautifully arranged, comfortable and just… perfect. Can we have such bathroom nowadays in our own house?
The answer is quite obvious: real victorian bathrooms equipped with items from the era are unavailable for most of us due to their extremely high prices – and by „extremely” we mean that a single piece of bathroom equipment form victorian era can cost the same money as a new, modern sports car. That’s why original victorian bathrooms are unavailable for normal people. But we can adapt our bathrooms to a role of victorian bathrooms quite easily – provided we have some money to spend. There are three absolutely required pieces of equipment in victorian bathrooms: footed bathtub in the center, wooden bathroom vanity and toilet with high tank( also wooden if possible ). If you have those, then it is only a matter of arrangement: place tub in the center, paint the walls with a warm, nice colour and add a few images on the walls to finish the design.

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