Brassware design for the win

It’ s usually the little things that make a big difference in a bathroom, so take your time to pick the right equipment for your wet room. Luckily, with the rapidly growing market of brassware products, it’ s becoming less and less of a challenge to fill the place only with the highest quality and well-suited equipment.
If you’ re going for a contemporary look, I’ d suggest you to browse through the single or dual lever taps.


Not even mentioning the visual benefits of matching your bath, basin and shower brassware. The simpler and more uniform your wet room’ s design, the greater the effect.

The current market of brassware can definitely…

The current market of brassware can definitely boast of an unbelievable selection of useful products. Among them, you’ ll find basin mixers, mono bidets, bath fillers and even bath shower mixers all of them in the latest and the most functional design. Don’ t get too carried away with the clean look of the new brassware, though, as in the long run it’ ll require a bit more attention and maintenance than the ordinary bathroom devices. Also do make sure the function is right for you.

If a thorough rinsing is of the utmost importance to you, go for a hand-held shower, which might be also invaluable when cleaning your bath. It’ s good to note a particular advantage of brassware desig, namely the fact that it can either turn your bathroom into a stylish modern space or take you back in time transforming it into an old school Edwardian chamber.

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