Furniture washbasins

So far, looking for style in sanitary ware equipment has meant compromising the practical aspect. However, furniture washbasins ( appear to do great in both departments.
For some reason, many people are convinced that style cannot possibly equal functionality.

Therefore, a lot of designers and…

Therefore, a lot of designers and artists have been able to get away with producing very good-looking pieces of art which doesn’t really have any practical application. However, when it comes to sanitary ware equipment and furniture washbasins, we can surely say that the impossible has become perfectly possible.

Thanks to being a piece of furniture, those basins have gained a design or style quality and, at the same time, they are still able to deliver exactly what you’d expect of a basin. Furniture washbasins can be purchased from any major furniture store and there are plenty of options to choose from. For instance, the type of wood that you want to be used. The range of possibilities includes pine wood as the most basic and affordable option.

Furthermore, more demanding customers can go for oak or even such exotic woods like mahogany or ebony. Speaking of the aforementioned practicality, though, furniture washbasins feature a lot of storage space right below the basin and above the floor. Depending on the fitting height, there can be up to 10 drawers worth of storage space which is a very good achievement.

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