Creating an ideal bathroom

When you start building a new wet room or renovating an old one, it is sometimes difficult to get along well with everything. But if you plan carefully every stage of the creating process, you will be able to achieve success and create an ideal bathroom; a lavatory which everyone would like to have.
If you plan to elevate a totally new building, then it is easier for you to design an ideal bathroom – you will be able to choose materials and equipment, but what is more important, you will also be able to estimate its size and shape.

If you can afford, make…

If you can afford, make it as big as you can, so that it will be spacious, commodious and functional. In bigger wet room you will be able to fit all necessary accessories and sanitation. If you are not in the middle of building process and you just renovate your old, tiny bathroom, don’ t worry – even if your wet room is in the size of a closet, you can still make it convenient and elegant.

Except for installing a toilet and a bidet, for example, you can purchase a two-in-one sanitary accessory – it will perform the function of a toilet and a bidet, but it won’ t take a lot of room. Also, you can invest your money in hanging mirrors, shelves and cupboards which also won’ t take much space in the wet room. In that way you will easily design an ideal bathroom interior.

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