Choosing tray for a shower cabin

Medium-sized and small bathrooms are usually considered very difficult to arrange in a functional, yet still really comfortable way. In general that’ s true, but there are seasoned designers, who know very well what pieces of bathroom equipment are best for such limited space. Moreover, in the vast majority of cases they recommend to install in such bathroom a shower enclosure in order to save as much floor space as possible.
Of course there is also the matter of choosing the right tray for the aforementioned cabin – as a rule you should take into consideration the shape of your bathroom before looking for a tray. Why it’ s so important? Well, let’ s assume( for example )that you own a medium-sized bathroom, but it is also very narrow. In that case you should look for rectangular shower trays that will fit their longer side to the short wall in your bathroom – this will allow you to save a lot of floor space. If, on the other hand, your bathroom is really tiny, consider installation of a semicircular tray and cabin in one of the corners: for small bathrooms this will usually be the best solution space-wise. Of course you can always arrange the place as a wet room, but not all people like this particular type of design.

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