Sources of inspiration for bathroom designers

The most popular in the Internet designs of bathroom are usually quite similar both in terms of functionality and the look – this is in the vast majority of cases the effect of the fact that we don’ t like to experiment too much and in places as important as bathroom we tend to use rather traditional, tested solutions. It would be though completely impossible to make any progress if humans would all simply abide the above rule, so sometimes we can see bathroom designs inspired by various things.
People are looking for sources of inspiration everywhere( including the most bizarre places and thoughts ), so it is quite normal to see very unique designs of bathrooms. Of course we have to decide whether we want an untypically designed bathroom or rather a completely crazy one – that’ s a huge difference. Fine sources of inspiration for bathrooms ( in the first case can be bathrooms of other people or bathrooms that were used by our ancestors, but this does not exhaust all possible options – Victorian bathrooms are probably one of the most popular types of designs“ from the past”, but definitely not the only one. For other sourses of inspiration you can look in the Internet, in the bathroom stores or in your own imagination – possibilities are almost endless.

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