The countertop washbasins of legend

Have you ever wondered it it was possible to combine both the comfort of a bath tub and the economy of a shower enclosure? Have you? Magnificence and modernity of your apartment have always been of utmost importance to us as a company! If you have and are still clueless about the means, then we believe it’ s high time you were introduced to the vast realm of countertop washbasins, solutions worthy of those clever enough to actually attempt to help themselves! Continue reading

Choosing tray for a shower cabin

Medium-sized and small bathrooms are usually considered very difficult to arrange in a functional, yet still really comfortable way. In general that’ s true, but there are seasoned designers, who know very well what pieces of bathroom equipment are best for such limited space. Moreover, in the vast majority of cases they recommend to install in such bathroom a shower enclosure in order to save as much floor space as possible. Continue reading

The good choice is an under counter washbasin!

If you happen to find yourself in the middle of a difficult and challenging house redecoration and are puzzled about the future shape of your precious dwelling, then you’ re in the right hands! Boost the hygiene of your wet room with our clever solutions! Take another quick look at that checklist of your and make sure that a brand new under counter washbasin is amongst the items you have yet to cover! Continue reading

Treat yourself to a bath screen

If the economy’ s been kicking you hard for the last couple of years causing the prices to skyrocket and your life quality to dramatically drop, then you also most probably find yourself amongst those forced to move houses out of economical reasons. Can’ t stand your ever diminishing living space. If so, then you’ re in the right hands and ready to dicover the practicality of a bath screen.

Continue reading

Ceramic washabasins: facts

Usually we try to buy things that are durable and should work as intended for many, many years – this, however, for some reason does not apply to all kinds of bathroom and kitchen equipment. Of course we live in an era of plastic items and mass production, but this should not mean that we will prefer plastic over other materials, especially if those plastic ones we will buy every few years. That’s probably why ceramic washabasins ( become more and more popular recently. Continue reading