Be original, get a corner toilet

Today, in the era when we are reminded of the necessity of being original everywhere, it is really hard to stay traditional. Especially, that our mates and colleagues are, most often – subconsciously, exerting some pressure on us to get and stay original. Continue reading

Corner toilet facts

A comfortable and modern looking bathroom is a dream of pretty much every person that owns one – but our dreams are often very difficult to realize, because the bathroom we have is usually small and hard to arrange in a comfortable way. This is probably caused by our way of thinking about such problem: we aren’t often aware of the fact that we don’t have to install a large bathtub due to the wide availability of some other equipment that can be equally comfortable.

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Save space and water with a corner toilet

Many people look for some way to increase the amount of available space in their bathroom and they want to do it in such a way that will not change the place into even more uncomfortable. Of course the simplest way is to rebuild whole bathroom, but this option is available only for a really small percentage of us – in most cases such venture would be too expensive to consider it seriously.

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